Dingle-ball cherry curtains

August 14, 2007


My friend Linda gave me some cute cherry fabric so I made curtains for the kitchen. I also used my favorite craft trim: dingle balls (actually they’re called pom-poms but who cares).



  1. Oh man — those are hellllllllla cute! I think I have some pajamas in that fabric.

  2. […] new, but I’ve seen a couple of things lately that have rekindled my love of cherries. Allison’s curtains are rocking my world. And look at this beauty craft apron I found on Etsy.com! I’m trying to […]

  3. Dude….you should do a pom pom fringe around roof inside your car!

  4. I got to say it, Allison, you are now officially Mexican. Fruit on the curtains now, corn stalks in the front yard and roses in the back coming up.

  5. The dingle-balls actually make some of your cherries look 3D. Cool!

    Are you an experienced sewer (sew-er not sewer like you’d find mythical alligators in lol)?

    I haven’t sewn in years, but I want to get back into it. There’s a ton of stuff I want to make. I can have a strange fashion sense at times and so I can’t find in stores the things I want to wear lol.

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